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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for June 26, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for June 26, 2015

I-85 was always the go-to highway for me. Anywhere major I wanted to go, only required a trip on I-85. And if you pre-order Get Around North Carolina, the first North Carolina Placebook travel guide, on July 22, you learn how you can use I-85. Here’s a bit of how I-85 came to be and how you might use it to tool around the state:

The second longest interstate in the state, I-85 spans from Cleveland County to Warren County, moving travelers in a due northeast direction. If you are coming from the South into the state, you’ve probably been to Atlanta (or the Gaffney Peach famous for its cameo in House of Cards). Coming from the North, you could be coming from Boston, New York or Washington, DC, via a split off from I-95 (which also comes into the state, but at a different places). I-85 was also built in several pieces, mostly upgrades of US 29 and US 70 throughout the state, starting in 1949, before official federal funding was available for conversion to an interstate highway.

While you go through Charlotte, Greensboro and Durham, you don’t go through their downtown areas. In fact, as you go through Charlotte, if you aren’t going to the airport, you may not realize that you are in Charlotte and all exits lead to Uptown eventually. As you go through the state, you see mostly trees, suburban strip malls and even a water park just inside the Greensboro city limits. 

And now, your news:

Nearly 1,000 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools teachers have resigned.

Still no vote on the Greensboro/Trinity council changes bill.

Guilford County Schools Superintendent Mo Green will be the president of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association next year.

Rising seashores on the Outer Banks could result in the loss of $2 million in tourist and historic assets on the Banks.

The state is officially under a drought again.

The increase in sea turtles off the coast could be a sign of more sharks.

Governor McCrory is set to sign a bill regulating the packaging of e-cigarettes.

Former Governor Hunt is working on a new leadership initiative.

And finally, this federal bill will help eugenics victims keep their federal benefits.

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