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What You Need To Know About North Carolina for May 14, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for May 14, 2015

It’s a little early to think about, at least in our state, but election season will be here before you know it. In some states, people have already decided who they want at their city halls for the next few years. Several people are lining up to get us to vote the as replacements for President Obama.

But some just want to make it harder for certain people to exercise the franchise. As someone who is in two groups of people who’ve had to fight for the right to vote over the years,  plus, as a good governance nerd, I really am not fond of all the voter suppression efforts. Yesterday, I mentioned this one, where several groups are claiming that motor-voter laws aren’t being followed and social service groups aren’t doing what they can to get people to the polls.

I also got an email about a set of forums related to the new voter ID laws. Not only have these met a court challenge, the laws themselves are still being written. Citizens are invited to attend these forums in June to make their voice heard about the laws.

I do understand that voter fraud can happen. Yet, as so many states make it easier for people to vote. There’s really no need to make it harder. After all, after 2016, we won’t be able to text 10 times to the American Idol’s phone number of our choice. We should have plenty of time to vote for our actual leaders.

This is what you need to know about North Carolina for today. Well, this and what’s listed below:

This Greensboro and Charlotte-based business college has closed.

This attorney who helps innocent people get new trials, is now facing charges of professional misconduct from the state bar association.

The governor is promising a new jobs bill, in response to losing the Volvo factory. He’s also launched the push for Connect NC, an infrastructure bill.

Farm stands are still hanging around.

Moral Mondays are back, in case you’d not been to one already this year.

This is why so many people will be in Charlotte this weekend.

Animal Planet will film a show in the Asheville area.

And finally, this is who owns downtowns Winston-Salem and Greensboro.


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