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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for May 19, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for May 19, 2015

While this may not be an issue for anyone who’s given up any kind of meat, plain and simple, for some of us, giving up bacon is hard. I had some yesterday at a diner. It was nice and salty. I’ve had the imitation bacon. It’s also not so bad either. Different, but not bad. And as more restaurants offer better vegetarian options, it’s getting easier for me to swap out my beef burger for black beans.

And then you read an article like this one, that reminds you of just how bad animal processing and its byproducts have become. Honestly, they’ve always been bad. (Upton Sinclar’s The Jungle spelled that out over a century ago). Generally though, eating pork is just bad for you, not bad for everything else around. But in the case in that article above, it is and that’s a problem.

Meanwhile, continuing to work on more great substitutes for all the wonderful things I enjoy thanks to unsustainable and unethical factory farming.

That and these things below are what you need to know about North Carolina for today:

The current House budget draft has a spending increase of 1 billion. Also, historic tax credits and medical expense exemption are coming back. Also, more film incentives.

Biltmore Village is seeing an uptick in both businesses coming in and people going to those businesses.

Charlotte’s first Black police chief will retire on July 1st.

This bridge over the Cape Fear River in Fayetteville is open to traffic again.

All Airbnb units in the state will now be subject to sales tax.

Bad biking advice. Better biking advice.

And finally, a war re-enactor of a different sort, one who is retracing the steps of someone who walked 160 miles home from fighting the Civil War.

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