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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for May 27, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for May 27, 2015


Let’s just say that I should live a long and full life. Well, according to this recent study released by the advocacy nonprofit NC Child. Each year they analyze all 100 counties in North Carolina and based on various health and welfare rates in each county, they determine the life expectancy of a child that grows up in a particular county. The Charlotte Observer created the original graph, pictured above and have also created an interactive version here.

And to be cheesy, may you live long and prosper. That’s what you need to know about North Carolina for today. That and this other news:

The DMV is changing the number of registration stickers on the back of your license plate.

Today at the General Assembly, several controversial bills under evaluation by committees in the opposite houses.

Yadkin County officials are working to re-open their county hospital.

Meanwhile, more people are visiting the emergency room statewide.

Charlotte city council members have met to begin their next search for a police chief.

Graffiti could soon become a felony.

Thanks to expansion, the Wilmington International Airport is losing a major landmark.

Wake County’s high poverty magnet schools are attracting fewer out-of-district applicants.

The governor has signed a bill protecting group home residents from abuse.

And finally, this at-grade crossing on the state’s Amtrak Piedmont corridor between Charlotte and Raleigh will close permanently.

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