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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for May 4, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for May 4, 2015

And we’re back folks! Thanks for being patient with me. As many of you now know, I’ll be moving to Kansas City in a few weeks. More on that here. What does that mean for this project? Right now, it means that there will only be one daily email, which will come out at 8 a.m. Eastern. Yes, I know many of you enjoy reading it at noon. That’s ok, there’s a search box in your emails to make sure it still comes to your inbox then.Those of you reading from the link on other social networks, this is a good time to get on the email list, so you know where to find it, when you are ready to read it. I am looking for help in maintaining the site. If you are interested in assisting with collecting articles for this daily news roundup, please let me know here. In the meantime, I’m going to continue recovering from CNU 23 and give you a few more news links than I did last week:

I’m glad to know this Greensboro market is still hanging on.

The latest on potential changes to public school calendars across the state.

A mid-term report card for Governor McCrory.

The state’s Good Samaritan law could be strengthened.

Pinehurst is turning into a family-friendly suburb, from a mecca for retirees.

And finally, you may have missed these conjoined twins in your history books.

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