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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for May 5, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for May 5, 2015

It’s Cinco De Mayo. Some of y’all will be celebrating. I think some of us need to pause. Take a minute and look at The New York Times’s stats on children who grow up in poverty.

Personally, I agreed with the chart at the beginning of the main article. My life did improve when we changed neighborhoods as a child. However, changing neighborhoods as an adult, I’ve been hit with the realities of rent and utilities costs.

Yet, communities as a whole need to zero in on this county-by-county assessment of upward mobility. I’m especially alarmed at the numbers for my home county of Guilford (W adjacent Forsyth!):

I know, I can hear a good chunk of Greensboro scream: BAD NEWS, BAD NEWS, PLEASE STOP IT. Guess what, this survey only reflects the past. I think we can fix it. Granted, I’ll be looking at this situation from afar soon, but I will be keeping the populous informed. Also, let’s be mindful that we could be the next racial and class-based unrest hotspot or we can always change our mind on what police violence and other social ills actually mean.

Welcome to your new intro to the news. My goal is to dig a bit deeper into an article that I can’t shake, then give you a few more highlights you shouldn’t have missed from yesterday and a few more you need to talk about today. This is your present for two days of nothing last week. Also, remember that you’ll be getting the email first thing in the morning.  And now, more news:

Coal ash tests at the Dan River are inconclusive. Seismic testing can begin off the coast.

Some Southeastern North Carolina courts will grant amnesty for certain offenses to veterans and their spouses.

While the Charlotte airport continues to grow and build, there’s a stall in new free lanes on I-77, thanks to a delay in creating tolls, which are seen as a way for the road to pay for itself. And this proposed light-rail stop in Durham has public property nearby, which could be made into affordable housing.

Durham’s also boarding up homes with clear plastic instead of plywood, providing the same level of coverage, but without the stigma.

The kinds of animals one hits with their vehicles throughout the state.

You can go to any bathroom you choose, in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County government buildings.

And finally, one of these cities in either North or South Carolina will get the Charlotte Hornets new Developmental League team, their version of the minor leagues.

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