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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for November 20, 2014

It’s Thursday! We are looking forward to checking out our brand new coworking space, CoLab, here in Greensboro today. Look for pictures of that and possibly pictures of the Greensboro City Market tomorrow. Now, just the news:

News Across North Carolina for November 20, 2014

Digging deeper into the election problems in Forsyth Country.

Yes, there are year-round furniture, interior design and other businesses that consider themselves part of the High Point furniture market.

The latest on the International Civil Rights Museum and Center, this time focusing on the actual level of debt the museum holds.

Other issues of controversy the Greensboro City Council addressed this week.

Meanwhile the Guilford County Commissioners and School Board meet this week too. The Durham School Board also meets tonight.

All of the tablets Guilford County Schools ordered for this year’s middle schoolers have been handed out and have not had as many glitches as they did last year. Meanwhile Wake County is testing the idea at 13 schools of allowing students to bring their own electronic devices to use in the classroom.

The popular Greensboro downtown coffeehouse the Green Bean opened its first outside of downtown location, as a full service cafe.

Winston-Salem residents believe that there could be more attractions at the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds.

The new birthing center in Asheville would be the state’s second.

Someone in Asheville has taken to Google Maps to express their displeasure with their neighbors.

A change in who responds to 911 calls in Lake Norman.

An economic developer and promoter of Charlotte believes that the city could become a “Logistical Lamborghini.”

The proposed tech center at Cape Fear Community College has been approved by that institution’s board.

This church in Fayetteville is very unique, in that it is geared towards those who are deaf. The Indy Week has published a guide to identify how to get around downtown Durham if you are blind.

NC Congressman G.K. Butterfield, who you may remember from this Colbert Report skit, will lead the Congressional Black Caucus.

Chatham Park, the development that could greatly increase the size of the town of Pittsboro, is now back up for debate amongst the town leaders.

Remember that former NFL player we highlighted not to long ago who gave away a bunch of his crops to hungry people. He’s also delivered his own child on his farm.

This man in Hillsborough has what’s considered the largest collection in the nation of hand-constructed miniature buildings.

And finally, because you need one more of those “this is why our state is awesome” listicles in your life.


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