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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for November 25, 2014

Happy Tuesday folks! Here’s some news you probably haven’t already heard about North Carolina. Also, a quick reminder that Thursday is Thanksgiving and Friday is the day after, so you won’t get a fresh picking of news here and in email. I will leave you with a list of the sources I pick from. That way you can browse them as you consume whatever food you want on Thursday and if you so choose to consume objects on Friday, you also know a few things about what went on in the world. And without further ado, today’s news for Tuesday November 25, 2014:

News Across North Carolina for November 25, 2014


This Greensboro-based developer is building a 200,000 square foot warehouse without a tenant, believing that one is coming soon.

These three people want to become the next chairman of the Guilford County Commissioners.

Several newspapers are suing UNC-Chapel Hill for more public records of their academic scandal.

The latest on the unresolved Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School Board at-large race.

CenterPoint, the regional social services facility that serves several Piedmont area counties, will build a new crisis facility.

Mind your driving, the Highway Patrol will be increasing their patrols over the holiday weekend.

Forsyth County’s new DSS director is settling into her new job.

Asheville’s Police Department has pulled its re-accreditation bid. Wilmington is looking for ways to beef up its police force.

Buncombe County Schools is re-thinking their school lunch policy.

Asheville City Council is reviewing a proposal to change how short-term rentals are governed and to add fees for owners who rent out their homes. Currently short-term home rentals are illegal. Meanwhile, a Raleigh AirBnB renter will not face sanctions from the City of Raleigh.

The Charlotte City Council is looking to add more protected classes of people to its non-discrimination policy.

This Charlotte area charter school is under scrutiny after several documents surfaced detailing issues at the school.

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools deputy superintendent takes back public remarks she said as more information continues to surface around the recent resignation of their superintendent.

More on the goals of the poverty task force set up by Mecklenburg County officials.

The state committee charged with governing coal ash is looking for other uses for the substance.

The Charlotte Checkers minor-leauge hockey team could return to Charlotte’s Bojangles Coliseum, if the city promises $4 million dollars to the team, in addition to the $12 million the city is already spending to upgrade the coliseum.

The Fort Fisher State Historic Site is replacing one of its replica fences.

Wilmington’s fire chief has began working on a merger proposal with the New Hanover county fire department.

Brunswick County has broken ground on a new 911 command center.

An online auction that ends on December 15 will determine what’s next for Fayetteville’s troubled Prince Charles Hotel.

Larry Hall was re-elected Minority Leader of the state house of representatives.

The NC House opposes limits on driving on the Cape Lookout beach.

The town of Pittsboro will consider an amended plan for the Chatham Park development.  The new plan includes more environmental protections for a development that is set to triple the size of Pittsboro.

The parent organization of the popular Raleigh World of Bluegrass festival is having issues, but local leaders of the festival vow to keep it going.

Durham County is set to change its rules on building security for government buildings.

Rocky Mount has hired a consultant to help with the planing for a proposed downtown event center.

The state’s jobless rate is now down to 6.3%.

And finally, Wake County Schools wants their students to be able to pilot drones.

Have an awesome day!

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