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What You Need To Know about North Carolina for October 14, 2014

Some of you had yesterday off. Some of us didn’t. Regardless, let’s get back to the book and the news:

News Across North Carolina for October 14

Guns will continue to be banned from the State Fair.

Meanwhile, there won’t be an official protocol change, but safety will be on the minds of those who are operating rides and attractions at the fair, after last year’s fatal accident.

The Wake County School System is adding more magnet schools to its already large and popular program of them.

Next up for legally married same-sex couples, legally adopting their children. More on Jeff Thigpen, the Guilford Registrar of Deeds who re-opened his office to process the newly legal marriages.

Wilmginton’s police chief is staying put, no longer in the running to be the chief of Savannah, GA.

So the NC Superior Court has decided that the Charlotte city council can keep running the Charlotte Douglas airport.

So the big white house behind the jail in Greensboro didn’t make it after all. However, the old Proximity Printworks Mill could become the city’s next live/work/play space, similar to the adjacent Revolution Mill.

How the High Point mayoral race is shaping up.

More on Greensboro’s South End downtown development.

Durham firefighters are participating in a national program to strengthen their responses to emergencies and their inter-squad relations.

And finally, The Durham Library Foundation is hoping to spruce up the Durham Public Library’s Durham history collection through a $25,000 fundraising drive.

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