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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for October 2, 2014

Getting busy as the weekend approaches, so it’s just the news for you guys today.

News Across North Carolina for October 2


To be clear, you can now register to vote on the same day you go to vote during the early voting process. If you vote out of precinct, your ballot can still be counted, but as a provisional ballot. More on the decision to allow these two things back into North Carolina’s voting process.

Greensboro’s mobile food pantry made its debut. This is a pilot run and it will be making its appearances every Wednesday through November 26th. The East Stokes Outreach, a pantry in the Northwestern corner of the Piedmont, has opened a new facility. And not to be left out, Winston-Salem’s Salvation Army has opened a new center.

Photos and commentary from yesterday’s forum in Greensboro on the proposed half-cent sales tax for education.

There are now 32 coal ash ponds throughout the state of North Carolina.

Winston-Salem’s boxwood trees are under a blight threat.

The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County has met its fundraising goal.

The state will send out payments to 200 eugenics victims , the first of such payments after years of fighting for reparations.

How this broken bridge in Winston-Salem represents more than a north-south divide.

Asheville’s mayor believes that “innovation districts” are the future. A sneak peak at the one that’s coming to Durham.

Will this new tagline help tourism in Asheville?

The Asheville Citizen-Times’s first black reporter has died.

High schools across the state may be moving to a 10 point grading scale.

Over a million dollars in legal fees have pilled up in the battle for who should control Charlotte’s airport.

Yes, several Wilmington area TV productions are considering following the incentives to other states, since our incentives have been reduced.

As this months unemployment numbers are released, this study shows that there may be more hires and pay boosts coming from North Carolina companies.

New Hanover County is investigating a possible case of voter fraud.

The state ABC Commission plans a campaign this fall to fight underage drinking.

A Fayetteville landlord is fighting back after being told he can’t rent his house because there are too many housing code violations.

And finally, how birds in Downtown Raleigh may provide clues on how drones can fly together in tight quarters and not kill each other.




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