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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for September 1, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for September 1, 2015

Hello fine people! I’d like to welcome you to September! It’s still warm, but that’s how we like it in North Carolina, right? Just warm enough to make a Labor Day run to the beach or mountains, to blow off a bit of steam after the first few weeks of school and just before work begins to feel like fall.

I’m also honored to present not just a written version of What You Need to Know About North Carolina, but now an audio one. Click on the orange play button and you’ll get what I just wrote above, plus a modified version of all the news I list below and a few other adjustments since it’s a different medium.

Audio is here!—


I’ve gone back and forth about doing an audio version, namely because I often do this first thing in the morning (Central time) and I don’t always sound the best. But I know you all are busy, and many of you hear the news while driving, walking or doing something else besides staring at a screen. So here we are, coming to you in a podcast form. For now, we will just be on Soundcloud, but soon you’ll be able to pull up the link in iTunes, Stitcher and many of your other favorite podcast links.

The one thing that won’t change will be that the links will still be right here (and in the description of the audio) so you can go back and read for yourself. With that said, here’s today’s links written out too:

If you’ve been watching the empty lot in Durham near the Jack Tar Motel become a dirt lot, its developers insist that it will become that skyscraper they’ve been promising soon.

The newest indoor play area in the state is in Durham, a venture between two dads and a lot of music to play.

My favorite locally owned startup, Spoonflower, which prints patterns I or others create on our computers  on fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap, has raised more money and is going international.

If you are wondering why local corn doesn’t look so good this year, thank the cold snap and the dry conditions of this past summer.

The Guilford County commissioners have voted to support bringing Say Yes to Education to Guilford County Schools and charter school students. The organization works to provide full scholarships to both two and four year schools, public and private, to all eligible students regardless of need.

After work bids for the facility came in millions over budget, the Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation, which operates the regional bus system in the Triad area, has announced a small delay in completion of the facility, as well as changes to the design and scope of the facility.

The Forsyth County Department of Social Services has flooded and is closed for today.

Governor McCrory has distanced himself from an ad for a prayer breakfast and rally at which he’s scheduled to speak. The ad included explicitly Christian language and raised concerns of a separation between church and state.

How AVL, the airport itself, determines flight prices. They also insist that they are working to add flights to the airport.

The Asheville City Schools will charge $50 for drivers ed.

Not only is it becoming more expensive to host or stay at an online based vacation rental in Asheville, but now traditional hotels will have a tax levied against them in both Asheville and Buncombe County.

When people are moving to and from Charlotte, where are they going and where are they coming from? The U.S. Census bureau has released its latest migration findings for the area and found that most people move from New York, South Carolina and Florida to Charlotte and most people move to South Carolina from Charlotte.

Meanwhile, some subsidized apartments were approved to be built in the Charlotte area, but others, including one with its own campaign to be built, were not. And market-rate apartments continue to be built, including a set just announced at the North Carolina Music Factory.

People statewide are finding issues with credit bureaus and reporting more of those issues to the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, along with the usual complaints about their mortgages.

The  website WalletHub just released rankings of community colleges throughout the nation and North Carolina just missed the cut for the top ten, coming in at number 11. The site ranks financial products and services, as well as other major investments such as home purchases, educational purchases and vehicle loans.

Federal researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have began assessing the remains of the Diamond Shoal Lightship No. 71, the only American lightship sunk by the enemy during World War I.

And finally, if you play the state lottery, you can now purchase a BBQ-scented, scratch and sniff ticket.

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