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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for September 10, 2014

So we wish we’d never said that we’d been feeling fall come on a couple of weeks ago. It’s Kristen’s fault, she’s just cold all the time. Upon looking at the temperature in the Twin Cities for this weekend, she’s actually beginning to think that she’s walking into winter, Southern winter. Oh well, you can see her in her sweaters on Instagram.

Meanwhile, because we are all traveling, here’s one last Placebook for the week. Sad, go cry to the camel.

He’ll get you over the humps and through the rest of the week.

News Across North Carolina for Sept 10 2014

So the state lawmaker ethics disclosure forms, which are already public record, were recently removed from the new open search internet portal established for them by the state, due to complaints from the lawmakers themselves.

Highwoods, the Raleigh-based real estate developer has sold 15 buildings in the Triad to a Virginia company.

How North Carolina’s largest cities rank for Hispanic/Latino businesses.

North Carolina will get $1.1 million to help expand the habitat of the endangered red cockaded woodpecker.

Global warming is affecting half of the current bird species, according to the National Audubon Society.

The governor is currently not answering questions about the un-constitutional parts of the coal ash bill he just signed.

The US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, which represents North Carolina, has set a hearing for September 27 to evaluate North Carolina’s voting laws and if they can go into affect with this election.

In Guilford County, 1,000 children will lose child care benefits under reductions in state child care subsidies.

Meanwhile, the State DHHS is sitting on a $64 million surplus.

The DHHS secretary is defending a controversial $6.8 million contract.

Asheville’s French Broad Co-Op is expanding, but not without losing its spirit.

Asheville will receive federal money for many of its redevelopment projects.

Amazon will open a distribution center near the Concord airport.

The Carolina Beach fire department is considering buying a boat for its fire department, to aid in offshore rescues.

The Raleigh City Council considers setting a formal incentives policy.

NCSU will sell Hoffmann Forest in Jacksonville to a sustainable timber company.

And finally, we couldn’t have said this better ourselves.

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