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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for September 15, 2014

And we are back to our regularly scheduled programing. Sorry for those who might have missed the memo that we were taking a few days to go visit our friends in Minneapolis for the Strong Towns National Gathering. Kristen really enjoyed the vibe of the cities, presenting on what it means to be a strong citizen and getting a bit of reminder that we are all going to make it after all:


And now let’s make a list of news:

News Across North Carolina for Sept 15 2014

If you want to start driving around and checking out the fall color, especially in the mountains, here’s a good place to start.

The state will host a bike summit next month (p.s. Kristen’s on the program for this summit, on Saturday October 11.

The governor has made it clear that the General Assembly will not come back in session unless it’s coming back to discuss a deal for one of the megasites to attract an auto manufacturer.

Meanwhile, the state commerce secretary is off to Japan on a corporate recruitment mission.

An analysis of Reidsville’s downtown, a mill town, with the classic main street feel.

One of Kristen’s old professors analyzes the creative class narrative, in light of what Greensboro is facing or has done for economic development.

More on the changes coming to the River Arts District in Asheville.

A mysterious billboard in Kentucky still draws people to Asheville and also to the mystery behind the billboard and the history of motor courts and the development of car-based leisure travel to the mountains.

The recent forum in Asheville on fracking attracted lots of detractors, much like other statewide forums.

The governor has signed the bill that will give $12 million to the proposed mill in Canton.

Charlotte woke up Monday to water pressure issues along the south and east sides.

Due partially to rising construction costs and procrastination, the Charlotte streetcar will cost more than its light rail lines and the buses.

SIDS, the disease where babies died from being suffocated, mainly from being placed on their stomachs to sleep, has nearly stopped being named as a cause of death by state officials on death certificates.

Kannapolis wants to upgrade its park system.

A developer hopes to bring two new “boutique” apartment buildings to Matthews.

An analysis of why dollar stores are popping up in the Wilmington region.

The Cape Fear museum wants to remove items from its collection that aren’t local.

The NC Pottery Center is on the rebound.

Farm Aid was also this weekend in Raleigh, along with SparkCon.

And finally, a call for Tom Tillis to remember his working class roots.

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