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What You Need To Know About North Carolina for September 15, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for September 15, 2015

Before I get any deeper into the news today, I want to clear up that that bridge in Winston-Salem will be named after George Hamiliton IV. Again, the country singer, not the Beatle. I do know my Beatles, maybe a bit too well. Also, why it’s important to click on the links to the news stories.

But in that spirit, I’m happy to announce that we have a budget. There’s so many things in it, like taxes on car repairs, a reduction in the income tax, a restoration of the historic tax credit and some money to deal with the Medicare expansion and fiscal emergencies, such as building repairs. Among everything else the budget has are some goodies for teachers.  It still needs votes and a signature, but this is a significant step to a final decision about how the state will spend its money and how we will be taxed or not taxed.

And with that, more of your news:

Unfortunately, we should also add another person to the list of people who have died in police custody in our state, a Raleigh man passed away last night.

Rockingham County, namely Eden, is facing a huge loss of jobs, as the MillerCoors plant shuts down, taking at least 500 jobs with it. It may also strip other distributors and manufacturers of products for the plant of their jobs as well. Economic development and other officials in the county had celebrated victories in attracting other plants, and there’s another plant coming that could replace a significant number of those jobs.

Also leaving Rockingham County, the coal ash around the Dan River, that Duke Energy is ready and willing to move this fall, pending it has an approved place to take it.

Winston-Salem employees and police could lose their jobs if they are in a car crash in their city-issued vehicles.

Also in Winston-Salem, several school buses were chopped up on the inside, that is $50,000 worth of slashed seats across 17 buses.

A man in Forsyth County claims the state Department of Transportation chopped up and now needs to fix his driveway.

One of the major campaign issues in Asheville, raising local taxes.

And if you are in Charlotte, don’t forget to vote in your primary! Often municipal elections are decided on primary day, versus the regular election day.

Forbes magazine values the Carolina Panthers at $1.56 billion. No surprise, it is a major sports team after all.

There are more apartments in Charlotte, however they are also still really expensive.

Some federal money for foreclosure prevention will run out next year, which also won’t help folks trying to keep a roof over their heads. Meanwhile, people seem to have no trouble buying homes in Brunswick County. People are also moving to Apex, near Raleigh, due to its vibrant downtown.

However, the new rail plan I mentioned recently has some positive elements for transportation statewide.

A tree in Wilmington will cost $20,000 to remove. It’s that massive and is also on both private and city property. The city wants it off their property.

Bladen County is closing 3 of its 13 public schools.

And finally, in the wake of the shut down of High Point’s human relations commission, the fair housing program is also at risk.

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