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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for September 17, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for September 17, 2015

Two things. One, it’s Thursday, and two, don’t forget to vote for my apartment. One thing I love probably more than news and politics is house shows on HGTV and the website Apartment Therapy. Some of that furniture you see is good ol’ High Point market samples. Even though it’s in Kansas City, you can show your North Carolina pride for voting for it. Thanks to everyone who’s already shared it and voted! Anyway, enough talking about me, here’s your news for today:

Speaking of the High Point Furniture Market, they are getting more money from the state.

Also, your legislators  are  trying to add more regulations to sex ed.

Another Triad-area company, this one tied to the growing aviation industry, is cutting 450 jobs. Another major employer in the Charlotte area, almost moved just south of the state line, on Carowinds Boulevard. The road’s namesake amusement park straddles the state line and seems to be doing ok.

A lawsuit against current and former Greensboro City Council members over a broken contract, thought to be broken over race, was heard in federal court yesterday. The plaintiffs had approached the city for a loan, much like it gives to other corporations on occasion. Not all of the terms were satisfied with the beginning of the loan, yet the plaintiffs spent money anyway and are now wanting both the original loan amount and damages from the city. The hearing was to completely dismiss the lawsuit.

Yes, that’s a one in the dollar column on the signs at various gas stations around the state.

Next week, one of the presidential candidates from last night’s GOP debate is coming to the state.

The Asheville Citizen-Times asks a valid question about all these city rankings and surveys: can they capture the true essence of Asheville?

There’s still uncertainty around teacher jobs in the new state budget. Also uncertain are payments to state eugenics program victims.

The Hickory City Council has chosen to take no action yet on allegations that the Hickory Housing Authority misused funds and also may have sexually harassed tenants of housing units under their care.

Several Wilmington-area homeowners are being required to hook their properties up to the public water and sewer utility, at a cost to them. Needless to say, many of those homeowners are unhappy.

The Durham City Council candidates discussed their now retiring police chief, among other things at a recent candidate forum.

More young, accomplished, neighborhood-focused candidates are running for city council in Raleigh and the Indy Week takes a look at the records and platforms of three in particular.

And finally, Several Raleigh residents are concerned about a city park redevelopment plan. The residents also say the plan is not needed.

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