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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for September 18, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for September 18, 2015

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Also, hop over to www.kristenejeffers.com to get a sense of all the things I do and give to the world. And bit.ly/voteformyapartment to help me in my quest to start doing more interior decorating! And with that, news about my beloved North Carolina:

The trees are a-turning! This year’s fall color map has mountain tree colors peaking in the next few weeks. If you want to see fall in the mountains, like we think of fall in the mountains, get out there before October 15! In other parts of the state, you’ll get great color at least through the end of October.

Guilford County has said yes to education. Well, at least yes to last dollar scholarships for all public school students. The announcement was made at my alma mater, Ragsdale High School in Jamestown yesterday morning.

Downtown Greensboro could be getting a second grocery store, something along the lines of Durham’s Parker and Otis, on the south side, where I used to live when I lived down there.

Also in Guilford County, its commissioners approved an incentives package for the semiconductor company Qorvo. This company was formerly known as RF Micro Devices, one of the Triad area’s few homegrown technology startups.

You could be paying more to visit state parks, thanks to a new budget provision.

Speaking of the budget, it’s left the State House, for good this time. Now only the Senate and the Governor need to approve it.

Your legislators are also moving forward with putting a statute of Christian evangelist Billy Graham in the U.S. Capitol and a compromise corporate incentives bill.

Charlotte is marking Park(ing) Day with a contest for the best parking space turned park.

The Asheville Chamber of Commerce has a launched a new five year jobs and economic development plan. Meanwhile, the website for the Guilford-Randolph County megasite is live.

An interesting flower arrangement has appeared overnight in an abandoned Asheville warehouse, with a poem.

Charlotte-area LGBT advocates want the city to revisit its nondiscrimination ordinance to include more protections for LGBT folks. The City Council voted down several new provisions to the ordinance back in March.

Wilmington leaders have released a plan they hope will end youth violence city-wide.

The battle over the next Sanderson Farms plant in the eastern part of the state continues, this time with environmental groups fighting the permitting process, with the hopes of keeping the plant from opening that way.

The UNC System wants to increase pay ranges for all of its administrative staff.

More on the plans for faster passenger rail in the state, namely a new route for Amtrak trains between Raleigh and Richmond.

Medicaid in North Carolina is going private.

And finally, support is building for March primaries for presidential elections.

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