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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for September 19, 2014

Friday! Another just the news day, as we are chipping away at that special thing we’ve been promising for a few weeks. There may also be a birthday or two that is keeping us from doing too much today. However, we are gladly providing this to you. Thanks also to those who are letting us know how we are doing via emails, Facebook and Twitter! We appreciate that. And now, let’s go for Friday:

News Across North Carolina for Sept 19 2014

That empty plot of land that’s been proposed as a park near the UNC Charlotte Center City Campus? Ground has finally been broken for that park and its parking decks.

Greensboro Housing Coalition held their annual tour of low-income housing yesterday, highlighting the good and the bad, and focusing on homes in South Greensboro, many which we have seen and are very familiar with.

The 17 Days arts festival cranked up last night with the folks of Tagtool, a software that allows them to project art onto buildings created via iPad. They will be projecting their art on several downtown buildings throughout the next 17 Days.

What the Guilford County Commissioners did last night, which included hearing a request from the City of Greensboro to get back all of a park that it gave up partial ownership of 6 years ago.

Incomes are rising in the Triad area and so are the number of people who are covered by health insurance policies.

Forsyth County held a couple public forums yesterday so people could evaluate the potential director of DSS candidates.

The state DHHS has received another reprimand from the USDA on how it’s handling its food stamp programs.

Winston-Salem’s Central Library will close for renovation on October 15.

Asheville has met several of its economic development goals.

The Buncombe County Schools have received $1.19 million dollars, which they will use to add more counselors in their elementary schools.

A report has stated that widening I-240 in Asheville is just a boondoggle. Their words, not ours.

Just like their friends in Durham earlier this week, those using the Asheville VA hospital made their concerns heard in a hearing yesterday.

Charlotte-Douglas Airport will start the environmental studies needed to add a new concourse.

Lake Norman’s swimming beach will open by 2016.

Two popular downtown Wilmington eateries have closed.

The Lumbee Tribal Council has approved an ordinance that will allow for faster repairs of the homes of low-income members.

Over $55 million in federal money is coming to the state for solar farms.

Oil blasts off the East Coast are expected to threaten several native species of wildlife.

The Durham Public Schools board seeks independent authority to open charter schools.

And finally, Durham City Council members have finished their study of the Durham police and they have pledged to continue to monitor the departments progress and activities.

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