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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for September 2, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for September 2, 2015

We are at day two of September and day 3 of the week. Are we missing anything yet? Maybe some North Carolina news.

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NC A&T State University has a new police chief, who was formerly with the Morrisville Police Department.

Some people in the aviation studies program at Guilford Technical Community College will have to repeat some courses, due to a change mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration.

An alligator was found in a creek near a home near Winston-Salem. While the home is close to a reptile reserve, now that reptile reserve is under suspicion by the surrounding neighborhood. The owner of the reserve says the alligator is not his.

Duke Energy has won a halt in court of the shareholder lawsuit brought upon them due to damages they have faced financially since the discovery of coal ash ponds near several of their power generating facilities. The company says it needs more time and money to settle all these matters.

Meanwhile, Stokes County Board of Commissioners will consider a two-year moratorium on fracking in the county at their next board meeting.

Now that AirBnB is legal (save unreported units and unpaid lodging taxes) in Asheville and Buncombe County, the county tax rolls show $1 million in revenue generated by the site in just a month. The jump is attributed to the company reporting all of its sales, not just home renters self-reporting their incomes from rentals on the site.

The Environmental Protection Agency has rejected a clean-up of a Superfund site in Asheville because it didn’t properly account for all of the chemicals that needed to be removed from the site. The company responsible, CTS, will release a new plan to the EPA within the next few weeks.

Lower gas prices, coupled with an increase in fares on Charlotte Area Transit System buses and rail and less buses on many routes contributed to a slight drop in ridership over the past year.

Wilmington’s city manager, city attorney and city clerk are getting raises this year.

A retirement community near the coast only has one entrance and exit, and that’s over a flood-prone bridge. Soon, after settling with a set of property owners, the community will get one more exit.

The Lumbee Tribe Supreme Court has ruled that the current tribal chairman can seek a third term. His first term was as a replacement for another leader and the courts ruled that in lieu of him not getting to serve three years of his first term, he’ll be granted one more full three-year term. The tribal chairman holds all executive powers over the tribe.

And finally, The N.C. House still cannot decide on a budget for teachers assistants and drivers ed classes.

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