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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for September 21, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for September 21, 2015

Happy Monday folks! This week’s image is of a Sunday afternoon sunset in late April that I took in the passenger’s seat as we were driving down I-40/I-85 between Raleigh and Durham. Being in the drivers seat on this route at this time of day can be awful and nearly blinding. In the passenger’s seat, you can capture scenes like this, of pure beauty.

However, because we aren’t that far past sunrise today, it’s time for me to give you some news:

UNC-Chapel Hill’s student store is celebrating its 100th anniversary. Currently operated entirely by the school, the school may join many others soon and bring in a private vendor to operate it.

More details have emerged on the state’s Medicare privatization plan. The plan is seen as a compromise between the House’s desire for nonprofit operators and the Senate’s desire for full private-sector influence.

Political newcomers can face long odds in any race. The case is no different in Greensboro, but if even one newcomer wins an at-large city council seat, the balance of power could take a major shift.

Some Greensboro residents are concerned about changes a new set of apartments could bring to their idyll neighborhood.

A town in the Piedmont that has almost been totally absorbed by Winston-Salem, continues to mark its own special history, this time with a plaque.

There are many changes that could happen with highway funding if the Senate’s new bill makes it past the governor’s desk. The Asheville Citizen-Times explores what that could look like for Western North Carolina roads.

Asheville is in need of poll workers in advance of early voting starting on September 24th in the region.

Medical examiners will get more pay and training in the new state budget.

You may not have heard about this (the state admits as much), but if you are at an intersection with a traffic signal that has arrows telling you when to turn, you can not turn right on red if you have a red arrow. If the light uses a solid red color, you can still turn right on red.

Two new franchised businesses are coming to the Wilmington-area and more could be on the way.

Fort Bragg has cut back on mowing its grass.

And finally, one other major cutback from the state budget; regional mental health resources.

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