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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for September 23, 2014

As we officially welcomed fall, many of us enjoyed nice pink and purple sunsets, fresh air, open windows throughout homes, al fresco dining without burning up and all kinds of wonder and whimsy. Kristen’s always had a special place for fall in her heart. Technically her birthday in early December is a fall birthday, plus she loves Thanksgiving and the colorful trees. She doesn’t like being spooked though. Anyway, fall upon us means another day, and that day brings us more North Carolina news:

News Across North Carolina for Sept 23 2014

The City of Greensboro is hoping to dissolve a lawsuit related to a rejected loan to a local TV network.

As a result of the latest News and Record article on the Heritage House, a Greensboro city councilman is calling for a criminal investigation into the affairs of the president of the homeowners association.

Check out Greensboro’s newest piece of public art.

The street busking policy in Asheville that was under review is going back to the drawing board.

Enrollment is up in the Asheville City Schools.

In preparation for a highway widening project near Wilmington, cadaver dogs have been called out to help exhume graves that are in the pathway of the extended highway.

Beacause of the new data-driven scoring system for road projects, projects that aren’t high-scoring (read: as necessary) could be prioritized over bigger and necessary projects.

A small freight railroader operating on the coastline just got a major backhanded boost from a new state law that the governor forgot to sign or veto.

And finally, one of our favorite maps, this one that says that Cisco Systems, Honda and COACH are our top three Googled brands.

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