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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for September 25, 2014

Rain in the Piedmont of North Carolina, when it’s set in and you have to navigate the downtowns and the interstates of the Piedmont when it’s constantly pouring, is something else. Ask Kristen, she navigated downtown Raleigh in it yesterday and was happy, but mildly shocked to see that people actually come out in the rain in North Carolina now.  Well, at least in Raleigh. Anyway, we hope you stayed dry yesterday, if not you can dry off and read today’s set of news:

News Across North Carolina for Sept 25 2014

Duke Energy’s Foundation has established a $10 million Water Resources fund. Two million of those funds will go specifically to the Dan River region, where the major coal ash spill happened just over eight months ago.

Central Piedmont Community College has received $32 million worth of software for their advanced manufacturing programs from Siemens.

Endorsements in the 6th District congressional race by big name organizations and along predictable lines.

Also from the US Senate race, a special guest comes to support a fellow Republican colleague.

The state Medicaid provision saga continues, the latest is a hearing where the DHHS Secretary argued against privatizing the Medicaid system. Meanwhile, a couple of popular Medicaid plans administered by a private provider have been canceled by that provider.

This Food Lion store in Greensboro is closing, due to underperformance.

Forsyth County’s board of elections has established stricter rules for campaigning in a parking deck adjacent to the county governmental center, which is a site for early voting. The changes were prompted by concerns that people could roam the decks and hand out materials.

Two long awaited transportation projects in the town of Lewisville have been funded.

Its neighboring town of Clemmons will be reconsidering two of its sidewalk projects.

This train derailed yesterday, spilling fluid on the ground near an industrial plant.

The downtown Winston-Salem Innovation CorridorCharlotte and possibly Wilmington are getting new technology companies.

There’s an apartment building boom in South Asheville.

The Asheville City Council is split on whether or not they should be recording their police.

An amateur sports complex development at Charlotte’s Bojangles Coliseum is on hold.

The Charlotte airport commission’s chairman has fired back against the federal government’s comments on the airport governance conversation.

Proposed townhomes and a parking deck in the Charlotte area.

Surf City fishermen expressed concerns over new regulations at a public meeting yesterday. Meanwhile, you can celebrate the Spot Fish at this festival.

Work continues on New Hanover County’s next new(ish) office building.

Lots of historical goodies in this special site on Wilmington’s history, as the city celebrates its 275th birthday.

A former manager of the Town of Cary has died.

Two-hundred nineteen undocumented immigrant children have been relocated to North Carolina since thousands began crossing the Mexico border in waves since the beginning of the calendar year.

Duke hopes that improvements to its football stadium will get people to come to games.

UNC-Chapel Hill is defending its centers and institutes against calls for cutbacks in funding from the state.

And finally, meet the Libertarian candidate for US Senate.

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