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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for September 30, 2014

As we close this month of September, we just want to take the time to thank everyone who continues to read, share and be informed by the information on this page. We encourage our fellow North Carolinians to make sure they get registered to vote by October 10 for the general election. You may not think the people on the ballot matter, but they do. This is why we write this newsletter, to make sure you are aware of all the local and state issues that can sneak up on you. Here’s a nonpartisan voter information guide.

And remember, there’s no 31st of September. Now your news:

News Across North Carolina for Sept 30 2014

The popular Winterfest ice rink in downtown Greensboro will be at the Railyard, the site of the City Market, this year.

Salt for the roads this winter, which is already being predicted to be similar to last winter, has become much more expensive and in some cases scarce.

Greensboro’s Women’s Hospital won’t be closing, it will be moving instead.

More people are driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

A lecture gave the community a chance to learn more about Forsyth County’s namesake.

Great to see these Greensboro restaurants get highlighted. And yes, many of them are just that good.

At this point this shouldn’t be a surprise, but there’s another ranking that has North Carolina as the worst state for teachers.

Several Weaverville residents are not happy about a proposed rezoning.

The US Forest Service wants public feedback on the trails around the Chatooga River.

This Asheville woman is helping bring solar power to the South.

The Monroe Airport near Charlotte will soon be able to handle international cargo flights.

This Family Dollar merger deal is getting several state attorneys general involved and the Federal Trade Commission.

Statesville has received $30,000 to boost its recycling programs.

New Hanover County could be getting two more charter schools.

The New Hanover Arboretum is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Calabash, one of the major seafood towns on the coast, continues to make an impact on the industry, despite fires and hurricane damage.

Fayetteville’s city attorney is getting a raise.

People in the path of the remaining piece of the 540 Outer Loop in Wake County are raising concerns over not being able to sell their land on their own terms, and also in the delay of construction and the exact route the road will take.

This is the centerpiece of this year’s World of Bluegrass festival in Raleigh.

Those bogus election mailers are being investigated by the State Board of Elections.

And finally ,when so many state house and senate races, among others, are already rigged. (Please still vote anyway!!!)

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