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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for September 4, 2014

On last evening, a rainy Wednesday, we made it out to an old favorite activity, bar trivia at Grey’s Tavern in Greensboro. It’s in the middle.


It’s shown here in August of last year, a bit of a nod to Throwback Thursday, the wonderful Instagram/Facebook tradition where you trot out your old, sometimes embarrassing pictures for the world to see. There wasn’t much embarrassing last night, as Kristen enjoyed a couple trivia rounds, watching a Washington Nationals victory in 14 innings (8-5, series finale, still #1 in the NL, gotta pick somebody’s team when you don’t have your own ;)) and a Serena Slam, making her 19-0 for the US Open. Kristen also wishes her tennis game was up to par. However, what is up to par is this little roundup of North Carolina news, which we are getting started right here and right now:

News Across North Carolina for Sept 4 2014

The federal coal-ash lawsuits have officially been filed.

The alliance of business leaders who own the Randolph-Chatham-slither of Guilford megasite may form a legal entity that can grant it directly to an auto manufacturer.

The great debate recap, from the North Carolina US Senate race last night.

This historic Winston-Salem church is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Unfortunately, the state Court of Appeals has released a brief saying that changing the voting rules back to what they were before the new laws would be too disruptive for this fall’s elections.

A bear tried to visit the governor this weekend, at the Western Residence. He was not home.

A task force has brought their suggestions for a better school bell schedule to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools superintendent.

More kids than ever are graduating from Charlotte-Meckenburg Schools.

The Clean Smokestacks Act has saved North Carolina lives, according to a definitive study out of UNC-Chapel Hill.

Next years CIAA tournament will be spread out across Charlotte.

Get your old NC newspapers fix, over 3 million pages of them are now online.

Penderlea, North Carolina’s New Deal planned community, celebrated its heritage recently.

A panel is set to allow even more charter schools to come online in less time. Some of these schools may also be online.

Chapel Hill is set to approve its first building under its new form-based code ,which determines building appropriateness by what it surrounds or what the town would like for the area to look like.

Construction on the next North Hills tower, which will be the tallest on the Raleigh Beltline, starts Tuesday.

And finally, I think we ran this one before, but it’s a good one as we make weekend plans, reasons to love Amtrak in North Carolina.

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