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What You Need To Know About North Carolina for September 9, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for September 9, 2015

Hello folks. Good bit of news today, so let’s get right to it. Don’t forget to push the orange button above if you want to listen to the news instead of read it.

Don’t forget to comment on the Greensboro BikePed plan. I worked on this plan personally and I hope those of you who live in or work in Greensboro will let the city leaders and staffers know what you really think of it. Also, same deal with the Durham-Chapel Hill light rail plan, only my friend worked on it and she and her staff have worked very hard to make it incorporate as much of the community concerns and needs as possible. Government leaders and staffers do pay attention to these plans! This is one more great way to make a difference in your community.

Meanwhile, a person you could vote for, who’s been filling up stadiums all over the nation, will probably do the same thing when he comes to Greensboro on Sunday. I’ll let you guess which presidential candidate that could be.

In case you were wondering what the best NC barbecue was, this Durham spot has been named the best in the latest assessment of such things.

My alma mater, this time, my first one,  N.C. State University, is helping out five North Carolina cities, including my hometown,Greensboro,  to increase entrepreneurship, especially in vocational and manufacturing trades. In addition to studying the cities, officials from each of the five cities will meet with each other on a regular basis to determine how they can support the economy in each community.

A few of the Greensboro City Council members are not happy with the new committee structure they started at the beginning of the month. Like its neighbor Winston-Salem, Greensboro hopes to use the committee structure, which has different configurations of the 9 council members meeting for work sessions on individual issues, to come into council meetings having made many decisions in advance, allowing them to proceed at a faster pace through the normal agenda. Committee meetings are open to the public.

Even though the Guilford County Schools broke graduation rate records, their test scores are still cause for concern and in the case of last night’s school board meeting, heated discussion. Also in school news, Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s schools are still 80 teachers short.

Three small Western North Carolina towns are getting free high-speed internet.

You could also move to Salisbury and have city-wide 10 gigabit internet service, thanks to that city’s  internet utility.

Asheville could be closer to a cat-cuddling cafe, much like the ones hoping up in larger cities internationally.

The state has broken ground on its new $15 million western crime lab.

The site of a popular community market and food truck hub in Charlotte will be replaced by an office building.

At a national conference on economic development in DC, Governor McCrory expressed his ideas on what he thinks the federal government is holding back from North Carolina.

The new state film incentives program will get $30 million in the biennial budget for grants to film activities, which are now given on a first come-first serve basis. Also, in case you weren’t aware biennial means two years. The budget we approve now and not just for film, but all aspects, will be something we are locked into for at least two years, if not more if the General Assembly then behaves much as the General Assembly does now.

And finally, the alignment of N.C. 540 in Wake County known as the Orange Route, has the approval of the surrounding communities and the Wake County Board of Commissioners.

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