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Daily News for 4-14-2014: Homeless Jesus

The big story circulating through the interwebs is the new statue at the St. Albans Church in Davidson. Made to resemble a homeless person, one closer glance at the feet of the statue betrays the nail prints of Jesus. A woman thought it so real, she called the police to report a homeless person sitting on the bench.

And in other news statewide:

Greensboro has a 50 year supply of water, thanks to conservation efforts.

Teacher pay is a hot topic as the General Assembly gets ready to go back in session.

Townhomes are apparently the hot new thing in the Western Wake County builder’s market.

A UNC-Chapel Hill journalism student writes of his conflicted views of the closing of the Roses at Chapel Hill’s University Mall.

An Asheville resident questions the durability of the new $1100 city trash cans.

A profile of the new Asheville bike taxi.

Potholes seem to be worse statewide this spring.

Southwestern Fayetteville will get a new bus route in May.

C.W. Williams, a federally-funded clinic for low-income patients in Mecklenburg County is cutting back on services and staff.

Bumper sticker campaign hopes to drum up support for continued film incentives in North Carolina.

Over 1oo weapons were bought back at this weekend’s gun buyback in Winston-Salem.

And finally, the City of Greensboro is revamping its 1 million dollar economic development contest, partly due to new federal guidelines on the funds.


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