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News Across North Carolina for April 10, 2015

It’s Friday! I hear that we’ll have sun this weekend, so hurry up and read the news so you can enjoy it!

News Across North Carolina for April 10, 2015

The City of Greensboro has retained an attorney to fight the SB 36 law in the General Assembly. Wake County citizens and the Raleigh Wake Citizens Association have already filed a federal lawsuit challenging their recent General Assembly powered redistricting.

Also at the General Assembly: A House Bill to require wage garnishment of up to 25% of income for people who lose civil lawsuits; an effort to disallow eligibility for these federal tax credits; and a house bill to not require annexation for public utilities to be provided to properties.

The governor wants a statewide bond referendum for November 8 for road construction and state government building renovations. Meanwhile, this new $4 million road in Asheville is finished and this highly anticipated road in Fayetteville is nowhere near being done.

Greensboro’s new police chief wants to have coffee with residents.

Some of the Forsyth County commissioners are at odds over how to pay for their schools.

The security fences at Charlotte-Douglass Airport have been scaled at least six times over the past decade.

Green Build North Carolina has certified it’s thousandth home.

The USS North Carolina is in need of repair.

East Carolina University hopes to build a public-private research campus for economic development of Eastern North Carolina. Meanwhile, UNC-Chapel Hill will provide $3 million to the Northside neighborhood in Chapel Hill to preserve its character.

UNC system chancellors and presidents could get paid more.

A bill in Congress to end federal transit grants could put several major North Carolina rail projects on hold.

You now have one extra day to donate to the Durham Living Wage Project.

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