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News Across North Carolina for April 15, 2015

I’m going to remind everyone today that April showers equal May flowers. Well, more flowers. Clearly, we’ve already seen some trees bloom and some flowers too. And we’ve heard some news too, but we can always hear more:

News Across North Carolina for April 15, 2015


At the General Assembly: A House bill has come out of the elections committee to ask voters require “team tickets” for the state’s governor and lieutenant governor. Right now, both offices run separately and could be held by people of different parties. Also at the GA:measures in both houses to improve conditions for foster children and requirements for foster parents and a measure to streamline the building code passes the House.

This documentary film shines some light on the Montagnard refugee experience in North Carolina.

The oldest home in the state will open to the public this weekend. Restoration continues on this Civil War era furnace that had a major role in suppling soldiers with supplies during the war.

Asheville will no longer provide a free bus zone in its downtown area. Asheville’s airport has received $10 million in grant funds for a new runway.

Duke Energy has been given more time to pay its fines related to the coal-ash spills. Meanwhile, unlike many North Carolina neighborhoods, people at Wrightsville Beach are ok with how Duke Energy has handled its tree-trimming process there.

Charlotte could soon fund several new low-income housing projects.

Charlotte leaders praise corporate incentives despite challenges and Winston-Salem mulls giving out more to another company.

State revenues are up, compared to the last fiscal year.

Wake County Schools will provide crossing guards for any elementary or middle school that wants them. Durham Public Schools will restore due process for its teachers, despite the state taking those rights away in its 2013 changes in education law.

And finally, a pretty simple list of debunked stereotypes about North Carolina.

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