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News Across North Carolina for April 21, 2015

Hope you weathered yesterday’s crazy storms! Here’s your news:

News Across North Carolina for April 21, 2015

Under review: Those new districts drawn for state and congressional lawmakers, by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Not running: This longtime Wake County Commissioner, in this November’s election.

More free trips: Taken by Governor McCrory, which he disclosed in an ethics disclosure on Monday.

A team effort: The new director of the Greensboro Partnership will also have one of his former deputies in Mississippi working with him in Greensboro.

No Volvos made in North Carolina: the company has narrowed down its U.S. plant selection to South Carolina and Georgia.

Bankrupt Shakespeare: The N.C. Shakespeare Festival, despite being a nonprofit and owning more than it owes, is declaring itself bankrupt.

Diminishing the danger: This intersection near UNC-Greensboro has been the site of a number of pedestrian and bike fatalities. The community around the university and the City of Greensboro hope to change that.

A creative corridor: While there are some design constraints, the efforts to make Business 40 in Winston-Salem more multi-modal and safe continue to find success.

The fastest Internet in the state: is in rural Yancey County.

At the General Assembly: A Senate bill passed to strengthen protections at group homes that serve the disabled; an effort to prepare for stronger federal rules on carbon emissions passed the House; the House passed both a new and old way to elect judges

Cheaper gas, but: The gax tax is dropping, but other fees related to auto ownership and operations are increasing.

Broken glass: The state can’t decide who is responsible for this defective glass at Raleigh’s Nature Resource Center and headquarters for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Garbage fee: City of Charlotte officials believe the lack of one and an increased property tax would be a better way to raise revenue.

A new square on an old block: The latest plan for downtown Raleigh calls for possibly moving City Hall, to help revamp Nash Square, the adjacent public square and connect it with other public squares and new development.

And finally, nationally known donuts that aren’t Krispy Kreme’s: Durham’s Monuts Donuts gets a nod from the website Thrillist as one of its 33 Best Donut Shops in America.

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