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News Across North Carolina for April 22, 2015

No lighting strikes today. Just lots of sunshine and a little bit of news:

News Across North Carolina for April 22, 2015


Since we left the reasons off yesterday: Why there will not be a Volvo plant in North Carolina.

At the General Assembly: Fixed tuition for in-state students makes it out of the House; taking juvenile offenders out of adult prisons makes it out of one Senate committee and now goes to another; two bills in each house filed for extended insurance provisions for those with autism; a Senate bill to give all cities and towns in the state the right to enact a quarter-cent sales tax without a voter referendum; a House bill to recognize B corporations at the state level. Oh and there was a special visitor at the Legislative Building Tuesday night.

Back up: The state’s unemployment rate, but not by much.

Bad water: Well water near the state’s coal ash spills is not fit for drinking, according to state testing.

Shortage: the Mecklenburg Department of Social Services doesn’t have enough social workers and hasn’t for a while.

Street Change: All signs on Greensboro’s Lee Street and High Point Road will be Gate City Boulevard come July 1st.

School budgets: New Hanover county has one for next year, Brunswick County’s will cut school spending; Wake County’s school board wants more money.

Bar lines: Wilmington will have to wait a little longer for craft distilleries.

Maybe don’t retire here: According to this study from Kiplinger, we are the sixth worst state for retirees.

And finally, all about the Washington’s, baby: This bill, from the state House, which warranted its own category.

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