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News Across North Carolina for April 23, 2015

On the move again, but made sure to pause to pull out a few news items of note:

News Across North Carolina for April 23, 2015

A Tale of two cities: It’s Durham’s turn to have it’s inequities highlighted in light of the progress being made in other parts of the city. Also, the Justice Department’s analysis on violent crime in the city.

At the General Assembly: A bill calling for school bus cameras has passed the Senate; a bill going to the House floor to not levy work zone fines when no active construction is being done; a House bill passed to move up the date of the 2016 presidential primaries; a House bill passed to allow victims of a terrorist attack to sue the terrorist.

Drill test: The state Department of Environment and Natural Resources is drilling a test fracking well.

Online tickets to the mountain: Grandfather Mountain now has online tickets.

Mountain refuge: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has created a new wildlife refuge in Western North Carolina.

Man of the community: UNC Wilmington’s new chancellor hopes to increase the university’s outreach to the community.

And finally, new road from old plans: This Raleigh road will finally get an extension that’s been in the plans for 50 years. Also, this Charlotte highway will finally be completed soon.

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