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News Across North Carolina for April 29, 2015

Hello all! It’s been great getting to know fellow Streetsbloggers and their challenges. Also, I’m looking forward to seeing several of you as we kick off the bigger CNU conference today. With all the happenings, I’ve decided to suspend the news for the remainder of the week. If you want to do your own news culling, head here. If you want to follow the CNU 23 action, look up this hashtag on Twitter and Instagram: CNU23. Also, for everyone on the email, I’m sending out one big one today, and the official time of send is 9 a.m. eastern. My apologizes for the technical issues with getting things out this week. Look out for ways to help with that soon after I get back to North Carolina. And now, what you are here for, a handful of news.

News Across North Carolina for April 29, 2015

Bill Collectors: This Senate bill would allow them to be more aggressive in collecting you money.

Also at the General Assembly: Bills to make revenge porn illegal,  to drop doctors from executions,  and send more money to charter schools.

In Asheville: Property tax changes are gaining traction, less funding to Nature Center funding; parents protest a proposed Duke Energy substation near a school.

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