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News across North Carolina for February 18, 2015

Ok the Yeti’s coming to see us. Ok, that’s just a joke, but it’s going to feel like his habitat, just like it looks like his habitat right now. Your school’s probably still closed and depending on what county you are in, your government is too. With this being a small snow/ice event, roads are clearer too, but in all your movements today, be careful and don’t freeze. Check on anybody or anything still outside and get them in. And once that’s done, check out today’s news:

News Across North Carolina for February 18, 2015

Why Wake Forest University is in Winston-Salem and not the town of Wake Forest.

You can now search Greensboro city records through the News-Record website.

So this is what happened when only one legislator showed up at the General Assembly this morning.

The chair of the state Academic Standards Review Commission has stepped down.

The City of Asheville is cutting its bus services for its seniors and disabled.

The Vice-President will join the Transportation Secretary as they return to his hometown of Charlotte tomorrow for an event promoting infrastructure.

The City of Wilmington has chosen a firm to redevelop a city-owned parking deck into a mixed-use property.

Many turned out to a meeting to express their views on offshore drilling in Wilmington last night.

The City of Durham has chosen a designer for their new police headquarters.

And finally, the Lieutenant Governor is creating some interesting methods for funding teacher raises, including a new speciality license plate.

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