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News across North Carolina for February 9, 2015

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News Across North Carolina for February 9, 2015

According to the site Impulcity, these are the strangest abandoned homes in North Carolina.

The newest State Senator has already filed his first bill, to increase the minimum wage statewide.

NC State’s Student Senate has voted to ask university leaders to change Columbus Day to an Indigenous Peoples Day on the university calendar.

Those new public school letter grades are also a reflection of resource and poverty levels in each school.

Your Tar Heel of the Week, as named by the News and Observer.

Get ready for slightly cheaper apartments in Charlotte, because there are now so many.

A member of the state’s Mining and Energy Commission tried to get a coffee house in Sanford to take down a no-fracking sign.

This High Point neighborhood has 600 homes — 39% of them are empty or boarded up.

High Point’s City Project is still active. Their next project is a concert series.

Guilford County Commissioners are thinking of setting higher investment thresholds to meet before they receive incentives.

Meet the professor who’s teaching the state of Black Asheville and hoping to expand his project statewide.

The State Democratic Party elected new leaders over the weekend.

Asheville is reaching out to other cities to help them develop solutions to their current housing crisis.

People are protesting the new laws on horse sheltering in Buncombe County.

This sheriff believes marijuana will be legal throughout the state eventually.

A financial scandal is brewing around the State Employees Association of North Carolina’s executive director.

The curator of the art at Buckingham Palace is speaking in Charlotte today.

The Wilmington City Council delayed the decision on what could be their first legal distillery.

These two Greensboro service providers for the homeless are now working together to make sure people don’t have to sleep on the street this winter.

And finally, the City of Durham is refinancing its debt.

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