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News across North Carolina for January 15, 2015

Once again, try not to slip and slide today. Read the news instead:

News Across North Carolina for January 15, 2015

Wednesday was the first day of the General Assembly session.

Lobbyists have also returned to Raleigh.

These films can show you what life looked like in Depression-era North Carolina.

Treat yourself with the story of the world’s largest frying pan.

After only three years of existence, the Chiquita banana headquarters is moving from its widely touted and heavily incentivized move to Charlotte.

Durham County Commissioners voted earlier in the week to ask the General Assembly to allow public school nurses to hand out birth control.

Behind the scenes of North Carolina Bookwatch.

Moogfest, the troubled Asheville festival, could be moving to Durham.

A survey of the Triangle-area record stores.

Greensboro’s State of the City Report shows the poor getting poorer.

Several moments of levity and bickering amongst the Greensboro City Council at Wednesday’s special meeting over the proposed nightclub ordinance.

The Panthers will donate their old luxury suite furniture to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore.

Greensboro’s Friendly Shopping Center over the years.

Asheville’s Highland Brewing is now running on solar power.

This Asheville boarding school is among the nation’s most elite. The Asheville City Schools may create another elementary school, due to growth.

Asheville recently named its downtown heroes.

Mission Healthcare, the major health care system in Wilmington, insists that their facilities expansion is not about competition but patient care.

Willmington’s Galeria site still has no plans for development.

The Brunswick County Commissioners have approved their wish list for state lawmakers.

Wake County may relocate students and staff of this elementary school to a new campus.

Rep. Walter Jones, who represents the coastal 3rd District in the House of Representatives, wants federal spending on Afghanistan to be shifted to inlet dredging off the North Carolina coast for shipping.

Second District Representative Renee Elmers, voted against her party on the recent vote to reverse President Obama’s immigration measures.

Insurance companies have appealed a state decision to limit how much they can increase their homeowners insurance premiums.

The UNC System schools are proposing fee and tuition hikes again.

The developer who created Raleigh’s North Hills will develop two buildings in Raleigh’s downtown Warehouse district.

More concerns arise from businesses on a different part of the proposed Durham-Chapel Hill light-rail line.

The state has approved two new charter schools for Durham.

And finally, how a white college kid turned organizer and journalist, became friends with a major gang leader in Greensboro.

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