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News across North Carolina for January 21, 2015

Another hump day people. Let’s get informed about North Carolina:

News Across North Carolina for January 21, 2015

Greensboro City Council member Jamal Fox is working with the city to create a college commission, on which actual students from each of Greensboro’ colleges and universities will discuss and debate civic issues.

C-SPAN is filming all this week in Greensboro for several of its original programs.

Two more local people at the State of the Union and festivities.

NC A&T is one of several schools nationwide receiving federal grants to beef up its programs on cybersecurity. UNC Charlotte has also been making strides on cybersecurity issues, partnering with a private firm to develop software.

A man who was severely paralyzed and suffered brain damage after being shipped to a morgue mistakenly ten years ago has received $475,000 from the state.

PART buys land in Greensboro for an expansion of their transit operations.

Winston-Salem leaders delay a vote on a city plaza, Raleigh leaders decide to go forward with changes to one of theirs.

What created Asheville’s low rental vacancy rate.

Buncombe County will spend $48.5 million to expand a county office building.

The latest on the investigation of academic misconduct on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.

Victims of the state’s eugenics program are asking state lawmakers to close a loophole that keeps victims from getting their benefits.

Mecklenburg County Commissioners are expected to endorse a rough draft of a comprehensive quality of life plan for the county.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will spend today examining how to better handle employee complaints.

A three month ban on news cameras at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse has been lifted, with a reminder on what people can and can’t do at the courthouse.

Wilmington’s Convention Center is hosting more events.

Several Brunswick County residents are upset that the county moved forward with a park purchase they were not happy about.

What happened at the most recent county commissioners meetings in Hoke, Harnett, Cumberland, Robeson and Columbus Counties.

Raleigh City Council will continue to discuss the proposed ordinance on AirBnB.

Raleigh’s Union Station will either face a reduction in scope or cost more to build than originally planned.

A feature story on Duke University’s architect, who would have not been allowed to attend the school at the time because he was Black.

And finally, North Carolina has been named the most exciting place for craft beer.

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