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News across North Carolina for January 26, 2015

Happy Monday folks! There is not a blizzard outside of my window. Those of you who read from NYC and DC (because it’s just raining) are probably wishing you could join me right now. Well, take comfort in the fact that if you are working from home today, there’s plenty of news to share. And of course, home folks, drive safe on the rain slick roads. Let’s get on with the news shall we:

News Across North Carolina for January 26, 2015

Fewer college students at North Carolina universities want to be teachers in North Carolina.

Veteran North Carolina teachers want their longevity bonuses back.

These Winston-Salem schools are on contaminated ground, but a solution is in place to clean up the waste.

Homeowners face higher insurance premiums this year, premiums which are higher than the legal rate set by the state.

This former insurance company headquarters in Guilford County has lots of interesting architectural elements.

Yes, Google Fiber is coming to North Carolina, in the Triangle.

Residents of Chapel Hill’s Southern Village neighborhood are hoping that an adjacent property can be turned into a mixed-use development.

The Publix grocery development proposed for North Raleigh is still in limbo.

Stories of North Carolina-based Black Civil War re-enactors

What’s coming up for debate in the next few weeks at the General Assembly.

Exploring the idea of legal marijuana in Asheville and statewide.

While this science museum is poised to become a major downtown Asheville attraction, this proposed park is still on the drawing board, 100 years after it was first proposed.

A sizeable group of people came outside in support of adding a crosswalk to an Asheville intersection.

The Southport Marina is racking up awards as pople continue to enjoy its recently upgraded amenities.

Wilmington-area home prices continue to climb.

Charlotte officials and residents are growing concerned with aging elements of the tree canopy.

Several Charlotte area parents rallied against Harris Teeter allowing shoppers to openly carry their guns into stores.

Officials and volunteers involved the effort to eradicate chronic homelessness in Charlotte will conduct a count and survey of those living on the streets later this week.

Our US Senate delegation is pushing for offshore drilling.

And finally, my Trains magazine online debut, on taking Amtrak within and out of North Carolina.

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