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News Across North Carolina for March 17, 2015

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News Across North Carolina for March 17, 2015

The Rockingham County Commissioners voted to force their chairman to resign as chairman, but not from the board.

In the case of the governors against the General Assembly, the panel of three superior court judges has ruled in favor of the governors, declaring that commissions cannot be created by the General Assembly that are independent of the three branches of state government.

The General Assembly will put all other confirmations of gubernatorial appointees on hold as a result.

The local NAACP chapter has reminded its support for SB36, the Greensboro City Council redistricting bill, after members of the state chapter and general members of the local chapter expressed concern of the contents.

According to this political analyst, the current minimum wage raise bill in the General Assembly will go nowhere.

And the new fracking regulations have passed the Senate and are awaiting signature by the governor.

The State Supreme Court is evaluating whether or not Duke Energy should clean up its coal ash ponds now or later.

This Davidson County man is both a police detective and a fire chief.

The State Industrial Commission has collected $678,000 in civil penalties over the past year from businesses who refused to provide workers compensation insurance.
The first of a slate of Downtown Durham hotels has opened.

Asheville’s public housing communities are becoming leaders in eco-friendly measures.

Buncombe County’s Veterans Treatment Center held its first session on Monday.
Asheville leaders and citizens concerned about transportation plans recently held a design charrette to discuss what’s next.

The Charlotte City Council approved 70 units of affordable housing in a rapidly gentrifying area near uptown Charlotte.

Many gathered in Brunswick County yesterday to speak out against homelessness.

Activists in Raleigh called for more humane poultry slaughter methods yesterday.

More on the niche industry growing up in North Carolina around farm-to-table meat.

And finally, the Raleigh News and Observer’s Road Worrier comments on the irrationally of having vehicles on the road that require others to escort them, much like the one which hit the Amtrak train last Monday.

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