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News Across North Carolina for March 19, 2015

If you are reading this before noon and still need a bracket to fill out, here’s one. If not, try to get work done this afternoon. And now your news:

News Across North Carolina for March 19, 2015


Today at the General Assembly, a House bill to make community college free for students with good grades and a House Bill to combat food deserts and this Fayetteville commission was shrunk from sixteen to ten members in the State Senate.

Brunswick County government has dropped spouses from health plans.

The Governor doesn’t like the present Senate Republican economic development plan, nor the redistricting bills.

The Greensboro City Council has called for a referendum to let voters decide how long they want council term limits to be.

Two public forums in Greensboro in the next few days, one on the city council changes, another on police and community relations.

Some history around how NC A&T and N.C. State, along with other land-grant schools around the country, were established.

These are your new members of the UNC System Board.

Mecklenburg County’s now enforcing their smoking ban.

Buncombe County has purchased their own “megasite.”

A popular local natural foods market in Asheville is closing. Durham’s Co-Op Market has opened.

FEMA has granted emergency food and shelter funds to Buncombe County.

Concerns rising with a new Duke Energy power plant in Asheville, which will be placed next to an elementary school.

Charlotte-area economic developers are calling for more manufacturing operations in the region.

The Charlotte Ritz-Carlton is now saying the surcharge levied during the CIAA Tournament went directly to their servers as gratuity.

Carolina Beach will build an operations center to allow more room for storage and city employee operations.

Public school teacher pay is still below the national average.

Carrboro’s aldermen have backed a single fee for recycling and Apex has rezoned several acres of land for a mixed-use project.

And finally, this is what someone wore to lobby at the General Assembly yesterday.

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