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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for August 15, 2014

Friday. The weekend. What’s on your agenda? Do you even have an agenda? The great thing about weekends are that you can either make them lazy or you make them productive and unless you have a job where working’s not an option, you can make them what you want. Here at HQ, we aren’t sure quite yet what ours will bring, but we know it will be awesome.  And as you start whatever kind of weekend that will be, here’s the news:

News Across North Carolina for August 15, 2014

The owners of a favored brunch spot in Greensboro are looking to purchase an old warehouse adjacent to the Downtown Greenway in Greensboro and put at least 3 new restaurants there, enacting that corner of the downtown area.

The New York Times has crunched Census migration numbers to show in percentages, how many people were born in the state they live in and where they were born if they weren’t for the last 100 years. For us, it shows that New York migration is real.

The New York Times has also taken a liking to this neighborhood of Durham, a huge favorite of ours as well.

In case you forgot about how awesome the Hunt Library, at Kristen’s alma mater, is.

Two rotting cars were pulled out of the soon to be restored Cascade Saloon in downtown Greensboro.

The state department of revenue plans to open their second tax questions call center in Greensboro and add 50 jobs with it.

The Forsyth County Library, originally slated as a renovation of the original building, will have more new components than old.

Asheville’s new, and needed, license tag agency will open on September 3rd.

Asheville officials are now debating the merits of their police take-home vehicle program.

Charlotte may open a shelter for migrant children who are crossing our southern border.

Charlotte’s next brewery opens this weekend.

Twenty-four charter schools will open in the coming weeks statewide, including nine in the Charlotte area.

Meanwhile, the latest in the Wilmington charter school scandal, which has become a statewide scandal.

The latest brewery to open in Wilmington.

Southport officials are working on a riverfront development plan.

Wrightsville Beach officials are going to study their long-term sewer and water needs.

Summer storms do not discriminate between private and city owned cars, 28 city owned cars in Havelock were destroyed by a recent hailstorm.

Thirty-seven projects have been awarded grants by the NC Division of Water Resources, including this one in Bladen County.

Fayetteville city council members are taking a field trip to Durham, to learn what has made them successful in recent years.

With the state legislature still technically in season, a number of lawmakers are still filing travel pay requests and receiving them.

Two major cultural institutions in Chapel Hill will get new leadership.

The state’s environmental commission is not happy with DENR’s new stream rules.

Fares on Triangle Transit are going up next week, but now the buses will run on Sunday too.

Teacher assistant salaries may be back, if the state House approves the Senate’s provision to fix this piece of the state budget.

Ninety-percent of drivers statewide are wearing their seat belts, according to the state DOT.

And finally, this state budget provision will make it harder for courts to strike down pieces of the state constitution.

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