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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for July 16, 2014

Finally, you should know all the state symbols now. Plus, today’s news from across the state.

Explaining North Carolina


So we’ve made it to the end of the list of our official state symbols. Today you will learn our pottery birthplace, our military academy and our boat.

We call these the official random things, since only one of these could possibly fit in another category and the others we are  scratching our heads about. We almost called them official places, but random things honestly sounds more fun.

And with out further ado, let’s learn about them.

If you read the last note, you will know that we kicked off with our state medium of clay, which turns into pottery. Well, there’s clay in the ground all over the state. However, Seagrove has been well known as a pottery center (along with its surrounding counties) for over 250 years. It was finally recognized by the General Assembly as such in 2005. We can vouch for how awesome the selection is at the Seagrove potteries and we would bring out our collection of cute clay snowmen, but they melted. Just kidding, check out this map of the Seagrove area and learn more about it here, via the NC Pottery Center.


The official military academy is the Oak Ridge Military Academy in Oak Ridge, just north of Greensboro. This is what it looks like. Check out its website for more information.













Image via Flickr user twbuckner

And finally, our boat. It’s the shad, a boat first created near Roanoke Island after the Civil War to help fishermen who were dealing with a shortage of logs and wood. It went on to become very popular due to its small, but sturdy frame and a number of other features. Check out a vintage photograph of it below, via NCPedia and head over there to find out more about its history and its maker.









And that’s it for our state symbols! Read all the official proclamations here.

And now your news

News Across North Carolina for July 15 2014

Greensboro city leaders have partnered with a man they call “the troublemaker” internally to help with code violations.

How a repurposed YWCA is becoming condos, but at the same time preserving a lot of the historical character of the building.

Some nearly lost history of the Greek restaurant impact on downtown Greensboro in the mid-20th century.

How some state lottery ads cost more than teacher salaries.

Brunswick County Schools Superintendent will resign.

New Hanover County’s board of elections may extend early voting hours.

What Wilmington-area state legislators think of the new charter school bill.

Is Brevard the new cycling mecca of the South?

A new raw foods and yoga cafe, as well as a Italian bar, are coming to Asheville.

Mountain Moral Monday is coming back to Asheville soon.

Solar farm companies attempt to set up shop around Duke Energy’s regulations.

Results from some of the runoff elections from yesterday.

High Point’s Dinner with a Side of Culture brought together a number of advocates for a better High Point.

There’s now a Medicaid related backlog at the Guilford DSS, but it will be cleared soon.

More on the Reynolds-Lorillard merger.

Orange County motorists and cyclists are at odds.

Raleigh’s Sandy Forks Road will get bike and pedestrian improvements.

And finally, DENR has opened public comment on fracking.



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