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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for July 25, 2014

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So as you can see above, we are once again on the move, but stateside this time. There’s always time for news though and here it is below:

News Across North Carolina for July 25 2014

More on the controversy surrounding the Greensboro city contract for code enforcement.

Meanwhile, what city job should pay the most?

Depending on how your heath insurance company has handled their money on your behalf, you may be getting a refund.

People at the troubled Herritage House condo complex in Greensboro were allowed to get free haircuts and clothes as a morale booster.

The county sales tax cap has passed the NC Senate.

The NC Senate also wants to talk more business incentives

…and keep charter school staff salaries hidden, as long as those charters are run by for-profit companies.

And of course they have made some changes to Medicaid.

What the wine scene looks like in Asheville.

Fayetteville held a Homeless Stand Down event to raise awareness and generate momentum around better conditions for area homeless people.

Fayetteville community leaders also hope more awareness about gun safety and better parenting can keep gun deaths down.

The Port Authority and freight railroad companies are hoping to increase service frequency and generate other economic development opportunities around the port areas in Brunswick County.

The new coal ash landfill could solve the major problem, if it weren’t for all the little problems surrounding it.

And finally, Durham’s American Underground is expanding to its rooftop.

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