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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for July 28, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for July 28, 2015

Burger King is not Biscuitville. That is all. It is sufficient to feed me on the mornings I’m in a rush and cereal just can’t do it. I shouldn’t write these in the morning. All I can think about is breakfast. And the news. Let’s all think about the news for today:

The director of the NC Zoo is retiring. Also retiring, the head of the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce.

Filling for city council elections has started in Greensboro.

The plaintiffs have rested their case in the federal voting rights trial happening in Winston-Salem.

UNC-Greensboro has installed a cistern to collect rainwater. While this is low-tech, the water is being used to water plants that aren’t on an irrigation system and it keeps the school from purchasing water from the city.

Commissioners in Stokes County, just northwest of Winston-Salem, have voiced their support for regulations against fracking in their county.

Thunder Road, the iconic coaster at the Carowinds Amusement Park on the NC/SC border, has closed.

Today in libraries: The Forsyth County Central Library will be demolished soon, so construction can start on the new one; meanwhile this library in Asheville is too small and needs more money.

The Charlotte City Council has committed funds to support the 2017 NBA All-Star Game.

This is why your eggs are expensive right now.

The State Department of Cultural Resources is being sued by a Florida company that actually found the Queen Anne’s Revenge, what is believed to be the ship of the pirate Blackbeard.

And finally, questions answered as Raleigh moves forward with changing its zoning maps.

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