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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for June 11, 2014

Explaining North Carolina

There are two triangles in North Carolina. The one I live in is the Piedmont Triad. The other is the Research Triangle. I used to live there. I’m on the move today, so I’m going to let Wikipedia explain the differences. Click on the names of the areas above if you are still confused. Feel free to copy this paragraph in any emails or IM exchanges where people seem to be confused. Look for a deeper explainer of each and every North Carolinian region in the future.

Things Not to Miss About North Carolina

What you absolutely have to know today in North Carolina, from my fellow colleagues in the media.

Wilmington could get a film museum.

The State House version of the budget eliminates ferry tolls.

How issues with the Asheville Regional Transit cause a ripple effect throughout the community.

The current version of the public school teacher provisions in the state budget.

The Charlotte airport ownership is still up in the air.

Several North Carolina legislators are calling for a constitutional convention to address the federal Citizens United court ruling.

Raleigh will open a temporary day center for the homeless on Saturday, to address concerns from the Moore Square feedings which were ruled illegal last year.

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