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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for June 12, 2014

Explaining North Carolina

People Live Here

Currently, over 9 million people live in the state of North Carolina. Roughly 700,000 people live in Charlotte proper (which is more than DC and Atlanta proper). About 440,000 people live in Raleigh (and an additional 500,000-700,000 live in that entire metro area). In the Piedmont Triad, the Greensboro half sits at about 270,000 and the Winston-Salem half at about 229,000. The rest of the metro pushes our final people total up to about 1.2 million. Fayetteville is sitting on 200,000 that shocked me (military-driven I’m sure) and Asheville only has about 80,000. (Wilmington is hovering in that neck of the woods too, despite being Hollywood East). Nevertheless, each of these areas is urbanized, as much as post-World War II cities can be. And at least one city in the state has one of every nationally known chain. Ok, no IN-and-Out or White Castle, but do we really need more greasy burger munchie joints? The point of this is that we gots people in the NC. And we are continuing to grow. We are one of the fastest growing states in the union and by the time you read this passage, we could have 10 million people. It’s one of the key reasons we believe that our state matters. Not just because we live here, but just because others want to as well. Want to dig more into our population stats? Head on over to the North Carolina Quick Facts page at the US Census website.

Things Not to Miss About North Carolina

We know you are busy, but you still need to know the news, as reported by our other colleagues. Here’s what you need to know for today.

We still have historic tax credits in the state budget.

More on the Medicaid expansion hole and how the state’s officials are dealing with it.

A Greensboro homeless man hopes to start his own homeless services agency.

Another person has (potentially) thrown their hat into the High Point mayor’s race.

The current NC House Budget is banking on the lottery being a major cash cow.

The SBI is investigating donations by sweepstakes parlors to state legislators.

Concerns have been risen over a new appointee to the state Industrial Commission.

A good primer on what the deal is with Common Core, the new state classroom curriculum.


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