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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for June 20, 2014




Explaining North Carolina

All Aboard

You’ve heard that song Midnight Train to Georgia. Well guess what, you can take one on Amtrak if you start in Greensboro. The Crescent, the iconic line from New York City to New Orleans will pick you up just after midnight and have you in Atlanta just in time for the morning sunrise.

The Crescent is just one of six Amtrak train routes that serve North Carolina and provide direct service to New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Savannah, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore, Orlando and New York City.

Speaking of that morning sunrise, if you live in Charlotte and you want to take in Raleigh for the day(or vice-versa), hop on the Piedmont at daybreak and you’d be in Raleigh just in time for lunch. You can get back on as offices are shutting down for the day and then be home just in time for bed. Or stop off anywhere else along the route and you’ll still have plenty of time to get business done for the day. Ask anyone who uses the route as de-facto commuter rail, thanks to morning, noon and evening service on the Piedmont.

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In addition to the places the train actually stops, the Amtrak Thruway Service offers bus service to several other major cities in North Carolina. Essentially, if you want a nice leisurely ride through the countryside, on-board food and time to sneak in a nap, Amtrak is your bet.

If you are used to using public transportation, yet thought your only options to get around North Carolina were driving, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at transit options around uptown Charlotte and downtown Raleigh. Several restaurants, museums and ballparks are also in walking distance from the Greensboro and Durham stations.

Find out more about Amtrak in North Carolina here.

Things Not to Miss About North Carolina

Need something to read on the train? Here are some news stories you should make note of from throughout the state:

Voters in Guilford County will be asked to vote on a sales tax increase in November.

Folks in Asheville are anxious to have Golden Corral come to town.

Asheville-area folks are also anxious about noise from motorcycles and  traffic from a weekend concert.

The EPA will hold a hearing on Asheville’s CTS superfund site.

Charlotte leaders learned from Minneapolis, who will host the 2018 Super Bowl,  how they won their bid and what Charlotte can do to get one of its own.

What a 1 billion dollar upgrade of US 70 in the eastern part of the state could do to that area’s economy.

Moped riders listen up, you may be required by the state to register your vehicle as a vehicle, just like everyone else.

The latest comments on the battle for state film incentives.

The NC Senate wants their Medicaid expansion questions answered.

Just how Durham became the town for foodies.

This month’s state unemployment numbers.

Wages in Durham County are growing faster than any other county in the state and 14th fastest in the nation.

Lastly, how well do you know Raleigh? Here at NCP headquarters, we scored a 70/100 on the quiz.

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