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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for June 24, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for June 24, 2015

Today we continue our preview of Get Around North Carolina, our first travel guide here at North Carolina Placebook., with the other seven airports you can fly to without knowing a private pilot.

There are seven other airports you can use can fly into North Carolina without owning your own plane:

These airports are fully aware that they aren’t the first that people think of. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s my hometown airport, I’d include PTI here. Then again, PTI has more than 10 nonstop destinations and may add more again. Plus, if money and time spent on a plane vs. being in a car isn’t a thing, then there’s really no corner of the state to which you can’t fly. And sometimes there are bonuses to flying into an “off-beat” airport: If you fly to Wilmington on select weekdays, you can eat at a food truck.

Check out the links above to let the airports give you their sales pitch. Meanwhile, for the full summary, pre-order Get Around North Carolina. And now your news:

Smith-Reynolds Airport in Winston-Salem, which used to have commercial passenger service, is asking for money for improvements to existing operations from Forsyth County.

How Greensboro agencies are using data to monitor housing-related issues.

This writer experiences the modern-day Southern Crescent train and laments missing the North Carolina scenery, because he’s coming through the state at night.

Duke Energy will remove coal ash from 12 more ponds.

A study has found a trend of NC prosecutors pushing for the death penalty without enough evidence.

The NC DMV has issued 1,000 no-fee ID cards in preparation for voter ID laws to go into effect next year. Governor McCrory has joined others nationwide in calling for the removal of the Confederate flag from NC license plates.

The City of Asheville has raised taxes and fees, but are giving city workers raises. Pender County residents will also pay more in taxes next year. The Durham school board and county have approved their budgets, but are waiting on state funding to supplement them.

The Asheville Housing Authority is allowing residents of their subsidized housing properties to do more than just organize community groups, but also to receive compensation for helping keep properties clean and safe.

Former U.S. Senator Kay Hagan will not challenge current Senator Richard Burr next year.

Nine out of ten of the Fayetteville City Council members plan to seek re-election.

Wake County students will be getting off the school bus in a different way, hoping to increase their safety and give drivers more time to stop.

And finally, one ranking I can co-sign, Parlour in Durham has been named the best ice cream shop in the state.

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