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What You Need to Know About North Carolina for May 8, 2015

What You Need to Know About North Carolina for May 8, 2015

What did the library mean when you were younger? Was it that small room full of books next to the school? Was it the largest room full of books at school? Did you love it or hate it?

As a college student, did you dwell in the stacks or chill at the coffee house or ice cream parlor.

That’s right, I said ice cream parlor. My alma mater, North Carolina State University, has one in their main library, D.H. Hill. What can I say, my school knows how to sweeten both appetites and brains.

I think the newest on-campus library, Hunt, looks like an ice cream parlor throughout. The library constantly gets national press and was built to attract such. Hence why I’m spending this Friday intro serving up its praises.

Check out what Architizer had to say about it. And the story of the library from the school itself. And a nice longform piece about why libraries matter.

(Oh and congrats to all the graduates and Happy Mothers Day to all the moms, namely mine, who made sure I never missed a summer reading program or just a basic trip to replenish my stash of books).

This is what you need to know about North Carolina for May 8, 2015. A few other things you need to know:

From our governor, a declaration of Tourism Week statewide, along with stats showing North Carolina in the top ten of states visited across the nation.

On the back burner, SB 36, the Greensboro City Council changes bill, one of many in the General Assembly that seek to take state control of local matters.

You may want to avoid this road in the Wilmington area for the next couple of weeks and the lower half of I-440 in Raleigh for the next 18 months.

Winston-Salem’s slated to get a major upscale, downtown condo/apartment/other use development. While this seems to happen in Charlotte and Raleigh weekly, today it’s Winston-Salem.

Guilford Technical Community College is graduating its largest class ever and how the school made that happen.

And finally, in case you forgot, Bojangles, one of our favorite, homegrown, fast chicken places, is going public today.

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