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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for November 26, 2014

I vote to replace the hump day camel with someone like this.


Whether or not you’ll be eating him, his cousin Tofurky or or some other meat or no meat at all, he’s almost here. For those of you on the roads, rails and in the friendly skies this weekend, take care. Look for a post tomorrow morning with direct links to all of the major papers I consult when I pull this list together. Anyway, let’s all give thanks for another season of thanksgiving and giving and let us let this spirit continue on. I am and I’m starting with giving you the news today:

News Across North Carolina for November 26, 2014

There were many responses to the recent events in Ferguson, MO across the nation and the state. Here are photos from Greensboro, Asheville and Durham. Protests also happened in Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Raleigh and Chapel Hill, and Wilmington.

Greensboro’s Elsewhere Artist Collaborative is all set to start a number of their creative placemaking projects.

I ate this plate a couple of nights ago at the Ethnosh in Greensboro.


Learn more about how this organization is growing, spreading and may receive $35,000 of support from the Greensboro City Council.

After finding violations in the football program of one Guilford County public high school, six others now face fines and forfeitures.

Outgoing Guilford County Commissioner Linda Shaw has been named to the State Property Tax Commission, a five member board.

This Greensboro property owner has sued the state Department of Transportation over lost land value from the proposed, but yet to be built Greensboro Urban Loop. Like many others statewide, even though a construction date has not been set and the project could still be cancelled, he cannot develop or sell the land on his own until a final decision has been made.

Meet High Point’s new city manager.

The Mental Health Association of Greensboro has moved to a more visible spot in downtown.

The Forsyth County Board of Commissioners has amended its cell phone tower ordinance to include protection for trees. The board also approved the location for Kernersville’s next library.

A homeless man is running for city council in Asheville, but not on an agenda for homeless services.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools will start their search for a new superintendent next month.

A former Charlotte fire inspector believes that the City of Charlotte wrongfully terminated her for being a whistleblower.

Brunswick County sheriffs deputies will get body cameras.

Wilmington-area foreclosures are down according to a recent research report.

New Hanover County Schools has formed a committee to address how to handle parent communications to and from school leaders and teachers.

Board of elections members in New Hanover County got into a heated disagreement of the minutes of a meeting over a recent formal election protest, which was rejected by the county and is now being sent to the state board of elections.

Due to overcrowded schools, Cary has put a moratorium on residential building permits.

This election for a spot on the NC Supreme Court has been called.

And finally, This report claims that 50,000 voters were “silenced” thanks to changes in North Carolina’s election laws.

Have an awesome day! Travelers, travel safe.


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