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What You Need to Know about North Carolina for September 26, 2014

So we are excited to see the weekend! So excited, that we are going ahead and getting on to the news. Have a great weekend everyone and we’ll see you on Monday.

News Across North Carolina for Sept 26 2014

Introducing the current face of “affordable housing” in Raleigh.

And the quest for maintaining affordable housing around the new Durham-Orange rail line.

A nice history on Wilmington’s role in the film industry.

Lumbee veterans had their chance to meet with the VA this week. Meanwhile, the Lumbee Tribal Council financial committee meeting ended abruptly last night after a disagreement over a housing loan ordinance.

An Arizona company will be building a solar farm in Bladen County.

Durham-based Organic Transit is making a lot of headway (pun somewhat intended), with their ELF vehicles. Next on the list, becoming more prominent on military bases.

A court case started in North Carolina over the legality teeth-whitening kiosks in malls may have farther reaching consequences, once a settlement is made.

The UNC System endowment has began the process of looking into clean energy investments and a possible disinvestment from coal.

Two of the judges hearing the election law appeal in the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals are North Carolinians. They are working to make a decision soon on whether or not the current voting laws can stand.

People throughout the state have been receiving voter registration cards with incorrect information.

Blue Cross Blue Shield is dropping some health plans in 11 counties statewide.

RF Micro Devices will maintain a Greensboro headquarters for now, even as it merges into its new corporate identity.

Chronically low-performing schools were discussed at last night’s Guilford County School board meeting.

The arts community in Greensboro rallies around one of its own, Greensboro’s City Arts director Stephen Hyers, as his battle with a brain tumor is ending in Hospice.

Greensboro’s new “city” magazine has launched.

Habitat for Humanity of Forsyth County is getting a shiny new home of its own.

Asheville’s getting a food truck park.

Other local government activities in and around Asheville this week.

The troubled buses that were used at the Charlotte airport from 2007 until recently, have been auctioned off.

And finally, the latest on Cherry, a gentrifying neighborhood in Charlotte.

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